Traveling in Tanzania with the International Reporting Project

Tanzania 2013

By Almudena Toral

September 28, 2013

Also published by Almudena Toral

I’ve been wanting to start a new blog for a while, after blogging in Rwanda and Peru years ago. Traveling to Tanzania with the International Reporting Project is a perfect and worthy excuse. For the next few weeks, I will be reporting on agriculture, food scarcity, hunger and nutrition on the ground. When not on the road you’ll likely find me in Brooklyn, New York, or home in Madrid, Spain. Regardless of location, this will be a collection of facts, thoughts and visuals on the go.

It’s the dry season right now in Tanzania, but one wouldn’t be able to tell in Dar Es Salaam today. Graceful storms, all day long.

A rainy view driving north from Oyster Bay, on the way to have a small group dinner (burgers and pizzas, who would have thought) with John Kagaruki, the founder of One2Two.

Up in the air between Iringa and Arusha, Tanzania, in a 13-seater plane. The landscape changes dramatically every few minutes.

A canoe man moves swiftly along Oyster Bay right before sunset in Dar Es Salaam.

I love watching morning commutes around the world. Here, a sleepy double exposure from a bus window in Dar Es Salaam.

The blues of a patch of water and a patch of sky that want to become each other. Oyster Bay, Dar Es Salaam. 


Construction site at Oyster Bay, Dar Es Salaam.


A Morogoro street, Tanzania.


Doctor Mkombozi helps you get a bigger butt so your husband stays faithful. 


Potatoes that look like chicken.