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  • Women of God: Photographs from India, Canada, and South Sudan

  • IRP Fellows Trudy Rubin and Alexis Okeowo Named Pulitzer Prize Finalists

    In April 2017, two former IRP fellows were cited as Pulitzer Prize finalists. Trudy Rubin, a 2001 and 2010 IRP fellow to Brazil and China, respectively, was cited as a finalist for commentary. Alexis Okeowo, a 2012 fellow to Nigeria, was also named a finalist for her work as part of a National Geographic team in the category of explanatory reporting. We congratulate these two former fellows for their hard work and contributions to journalism. 

  • A Quiet Defiance: Women Resisting Jihad in Mali Exhibit at Princeton University

    "Women Resisting Jihad in Mali," an exhibition of photographic works by Katie Orlinsky depicting women in central Mali and highlighting the vibrant culture that resisted the al- Qaida jihadist effort to impose sharia, will be on view Dec. 16, 2016-Jan. 26, 2017, in the Bernstein Gallery, Robertson Hall.

  • Two Former IRP Fellows Read from Their New Books on Nov. 7th in Washington DC

    On Monday November 7, former IRP Fellows Vanessa Hua and Tom Clynes  read from their new books at Kramerbooks & Afterwards Café in Washington. Hua and Clynes were IRP Fellows in 2002 and Hua also traveled on the IRP trip to Ecuador in 2015. Hua’s new collection of stories is entitled “Deceit And Other Possibilities.” Clynes is the author of “The Boy who Played with Fusion.”

  • Azmat Khan Named 2017 New America Future of War Fellow

    Azmat Khan, a 2015 IRP Fellow to Pakistan and a participant on the 2014 IRP trip to Brazil, was named a 2017 New America Future of War Fellow.” She will investigate US counterterrorism detention practices.

  • Four Former IRP Fellows Win Pulitzer Prizes or Cited as Finalists!

    In April 2016, four former IRP Fellows were awarded Pulitzer Prizes or were cited as finalists. Kathryn Schulz, a 2004 IRP Fellow, won the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing. Joby Warrick, a 2009 IRP Fellow, was awarded the Pulitzer in general nonfiction for his book, “Black Flags: The rise of ISIS.” Pulitzer finalists included Jessica Silver-Greenberg, a 2009 IRP Fellow, for her work as part of a New York Times team in the category of investigative reporting, and Colin Woodard, a 1999 IRP Fellow, in the category of explanatory reporting for his work at the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram.

  • Tara McKelvey Named Shorenstein Center Fellow

    Tara McKelvey has been named a fall 2012 Shorenstein Center Fellow at Harvard University. McKelvey will spend her fellowship writing about the relationship between the media and U.S. covert operations. More about the program: "The Shorenstein Center Fellowship Program offers an opportunity for outstanding journalists and scholars to spend a semester at Harvard University, where they can share their knowledge and expertise in a collegial and intellectually stimulating environment. The mission of the fellowship program is to advance research in the field of press, politics and public policy; provide an opportunity for reflection; facilitate a dialogue among scholars, journalists...

  • Sarah Colt Produces PBS Film The Amish

    Sarah Colt, a spring 2004 IRP Fellow, is a senior producer of "The Amish," which airs tonight at 8 p.m. on PBS. More from the PBS website: "An intimate portrait of contemporary Amish faith and life, this film examines how such a closed and communal culture has thrived within one of the most open, individualistic societies on earth. What does the future hold for a community whose existence is so rooted in the past? And what does our fascination with the Amish say about deep American values?" As an IRP Fellow, Colt profiled efforts by Namibia's leaders to redistribute...

  • Kathryn Schulz Named Book Critic at New York Magazine

    Kathryn Schulz has been named book critic at New York magazine, the New York Observer announced today. Schulz was an IRP Fellow in the spring of 2004, traveling to Japan to report on antidepressants. Schulz is also author of the nonfiction book Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error. More from editor-in-chief Adam Moss, as quoted by the Observer: “Kathryn has a wide-ranging intellect and a vivid voice, and I’m thrilled that she’s bringing her formidable talents to New York,” Mr. Moss wrote in the announcement. “Our readers, who had a taste...

  • IRP’s Interview With Indonesian President Named Notable Foreign Policy Insight

    Jayshree Bajoria, a senior staff writer and editor at the Council on Foreign Relations, wrote about meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as an IRP Gatekeeper Editor to Indonesia in May 2011. Bajoria focused on the country's emerging profile as the 2011 chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and member of the G20. Bajoria's interview with Indonesia's leader has been selected as one of's eleven notable foreign policy insights for 2011. Yudhoyono assured Gatekeepers that Indonesia is serious in conducting reforms in infrastructure, the legal system, and the government, but that it will...