Diversifying Crops in Morogoro

Tanzania 2013

By Almudena Toral

October 01, 2013

Also published by Almudena Toral

Vedasto Rutachokozibwa gets ready for a presentation at the Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program office in Morogoro, Tanzania, while a colleague distributes pamphlets.

A family packs to leave the government-funded Towero Clinic in the outskirts of Morogoro, Tanzania.

Zainabn Muhammed, 29, plays with her one-year-old daughter Ayilat outside their house in Morogoro’s hills, Tanzania. Ms. Muhammed is participating in Mwanza Boro Nutrition Program, a gardening program by USAID’s Feed The Future. Together with her husband she participates in community gardening and they also plant different vegetables at home. They have included vegetables in their children’s diets. There’s not much evidence of USAID program’s success.

A plant of home-grown tomatoes stands outside the home of Zainabn Muhammed and Abdallah Yahya in Morogoro, Tanzania. They are part of USAID’s Feed the Future Mwanza Boro Nutrition Program.


Safari vehicles to get around hilly Moroboro. And a beyond-beautiful baby.

A baby dressed like a princess. A goat.

The views from the Morogoro land plot of Zainabn Muhammed, 29, and her husband Abdallah Yahya, 44, who have started gardening at home to give their kids better nutrition.

Almudena Toral reported from Tanzania as a fellow with the International Reporting Project (IRP).