From Colorado to Ethiopia

Fellows Fall 2011

By Megan Verlee

January 31, 2012

Also aired on Colorado Public Radio

Last fall, reporter Megan Verlee traveled to Ethiopia on a fellowship through the International Reporting Project (IRP). While that country is half a world away from this state, she managed to find many Colorado connections there, and she brought back a few of those stories.

Part One: Berhe Kasse, owner of the Denver Cafe chain

Part Two: Abel Ayelew, graduate of the Colorado Center for the Blind

Part Three: Keith Keyser and Bob & Nancy Sturtevant, Colorado Peace Corps volunteers

Part Four: Berke Nuguse, winner of the Diversity Visa Lottery


Megan's work from Ethiopia also aired on PRI's The World:

-The Greying of the Peace Corps

-Conflict Simmers over an Ethiopian Mecca

-Rastafarians Work to find a Home in Zion