Nepal 2015

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  • Nepal News Coverage ‘Vital’ to Recovery

    Journalists spur worldwide interest, international aid, and long-term follow-through. {image-1} As a foreign correspondent, John Schidlovsky reported from Beijing, Beirut, Cairo and New Delhi, among other consequential capitals. As founding director of the International Reporting Project (IRP) he’s led delegations of journalists on 26 trips, mostly to underdeveloped —
  • Dispatches From Kathmandu

    In the capital Kathmandu, old temples — many World Heritage-listed and some dating back to the Middle Ages — have been destroyed or damaged. The three Royal Squares, Patan Bhaktapur and Kathmandu Durbar Squares, suffered significant damage. {image-1} In Patan, several temples collapsed, sending thousands of people running for their


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