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Carey Wagner

Fellows 2015
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Carey Wagner is a photojournalist and cinematographer based in Brooklyn. After 10 years as a staff photographer at the Sun Sentinel, Fresno Bee, Desert Sun and Auburn Journal, she went independent in 2011 to pursue work about women around the world. She has told stories about gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea, child marriage in Nepal, sex trafficking in Seattle, meth addiction and childbirth in California, street harassment in New York and domestic violence in Florida. Wagner has lived and photographed extensively throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. Her clients have included CARE, The New York Times, NBC News, Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and Sports Illustrated. She is also a Nikon School Instructor as well as a storytelling mentor and coach. Wagner holds a B.A. in Cognitive Science and minor in Spanish from University of California, Berkeley. 

Wagner was awarded a prior fellowship with IRP, reporting from Papua New Guinea in 2012. 


  • Indonesia’s Hidden Beauty

      A wise woman once told me to contribute to society and have an interesting life. She also used to say things like, ‘go outside and play,’ and ‘go...

  • Breaking Fast in Banda Aceh

    One of the advantages of reporting during Ramadan in Banda Aceh is that people are constantly inviting us to break fast with them. {image-1} Last night, on our way to a family...

  • A Culture of Violence

    In the South Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea, one of the world’s most violent places, nearly every woman has experienced some form of domestic abuse. Carey Wagner reported...

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