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Ruth Morris

Fellows 2015

Ruth Morris is a freelance radio and print journalist based in Washington, DC. Previously, she covered immigration for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, served as the paper’s interim Havana bureau chief, and worked as a producer at NPR’s Miami affiliate, WLRN. She also lived in Colombia for six years, reporting on displacement, kidnappings and massacres during the height of that country’s internal conflict. On other assignments, Morris has written about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Venezuelan political strife, and Haitian deportees. Her work in China centered on radio projects for Interfaith Voices, PRI’s The World and Deutsche Welle, including the voices of an impoverished disciple of Mao, a family living on two buckets of water a day, and a young man who named himself ‘Yes.’ She holds a BA in English literature from Barnard College and a MSJ from the Medill School of Journalism.


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