Liberia’s Beautiful Side

Liberia 2010

By Ed Robbins

February 10, 2011

For 14 years, a brutal civil war swept over Liberia. Now, seven years later, Liberians are optimistic about the future of their country and their lives.

Nowhere is the optimism more prominent than at the University of Liberia. The students there--many of whom had to postpone their education while the war raged--are dedicated to becoming successful doctors, lawyers and businesspersons.

One such student, Janette Manosando, has resurrected a tradition from her pre-war life: beauty pageants. And in addition to her pageant work, Janette hopes to jump-start a fashion design business that incorporates African and Western elements.

Video courtesy of Ed Robbins / Ed Robbins reported for this video on a recent Gatekeeper Editors' trip to Liberia with the International Reporting Project (IRP).