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Ed Robbins

Rwanda 2011
Freelance / IRP photojournalist

Ed Robbins is a multiple award-winning director/writer of numerous documentaries filmed across America and in international locations. He has made films in the war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq, explored the plight of Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan, chronicled the Christian-Muslim conflicts of Nigeria, and recorded the rise of a shadow Taliban inside northwest Pakistan. For the PBS film "Warriors," Robbins was embedded for two months in Iraq, where his vehicle was hit by IED and then ambushed--all of which he captured on film.

As a one-man band, Robbins slipped into Burma to follow Doctors without Borders, and he traveled with Nicholas Kristof, sending stories back to The New York Times. He was introduced to South Asia in depth when he headed an innovative, interactive video project for more than a year in India. He has reported on science for New York Times TV, Discovery and National Geographic. He has produced a dozen hours of fast-action reality-based series, starting with the groundbreaking Trauma: Life in the ER. He has done cultural programs on art, recently completing the projections and documentation of an opera based on the words of Emily Dickinson. 


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