Dispatches from the Zambian AIDS Epidemic

Zambia 2013

By Corine Milano

September 01, 2013

Also published in the WorldPulse E-magazine

This July, World Pulse Managing Editor Corine Milano traveled to Zambia as an International Reporting Project Fellow to cover health issues from the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. With one of the highest HIV infection rates in the world—14.3% of the adult population—the Zambian people face an uphill battle.

This series of interviews and firsthand accounts from World Pulse community members in Zambia reveals the strength of the country’s women, who are holding together families and communities through an enduring health crisis. They are taking the lead as heads of household, community activists, outspoken survivors—and even soap opera actresses. They are the voice of a changing Zambia.




A Soap Opera That's Changing Lives

World Pulse community member Nancy Handabile on her role in the Zambian edutainment drama Love Games. Read more>>


A Fertile Ground for Infection

In Zambia, women shoulder a disproportionate share of the HIV/AIDS burden. World Pulse member Prudence Phiri seeks to halt the epidemic by upending entrenched power dynamics that place women at risk. Read more>>


A Deep Scar in My Heart

As a young child, 21-year-old Bwela Nchimunya Moombe lost her sister to HIV/AIDS. Today, she is an outspoken advocate for the rights of women in her community. Read more>>


Picking Up the Pieces

Dorcas N. Chewe was devastated when she and her two sons were diagnosed with HIV, but today she refuses to be defined by her status and is raising a family of activists. Read more>>



The Adulterous Father

Like many women in Zambia, when Ngoza Simwanza was pregnant with her firstborn child, she relied on a Traditional Birth Attendant to address complications. Now she advocates for every woman to have access to safe medical care. Read more>>

Milano also posted observations and reflections from her trip to Zambia.


World Pulse on the Ground in Zambia!

Milano's first post from Zambia relays her expectations for the reporting trip and her plans to tell the stories of Zambian women to a global audience. Read more>>



The Face of the Zambian AIDS Epidemic

Milano discusses the importance of empowering women, and changing men's attitudes about sex, as a means to finding a solution to the global HIV/AIDS crisis. Read more>>


Reflections on Maternal Health in Rural Zambia

What are the maternal health challenges facing Zambian women, and how can progress toward potential solutions begin? Read more>>


Lusaka Dispatch

Milano discusses what she witnessed in her first two weeks in Zambia, and the insights she took away from her meetings with various Zambian women in her travels. Read more>>


It Happened! Lusaka Meet Up!

Milano documents her meet up with 20 World Pulse members in Lusaka, Zambia to discuss how the organization can help to empower women in that country. Read more>>


Final Days, Final Thoughts

Milano reflects on her final days in Zambia and the energy and hope she has encountered among Zambians, and particularly Zambian women, on her journey. Read more>>




These stories were made possible through the International Reporting Project (IRP). Learn more about IRP reporting trips.