Stories: Conferences

  • Reporting on Climate Change from Marrakech: COP22 in Review

    Did you miss the event? You can find the full video here.   Glendora Meikle, Susan Phillips, and Zack Colman John Schidlovsky Zack Colman Susan Phillips

  • COP22 Curtain Raiser

      MARRAKECH, MOROCCO—The United Nations climate conference that opens here this week is all about finding the right balance between slow and fast. At least that’s how many climate experts see it. They anticipate the conference will feature both a push for faster global action on emissions and an underlying practical reality: On some fronts, patience...

  • Staying Connected on the Road

    Staying connected to the internet while traveling, particularly in less developed countries, can be a challenge. Hotel WiFi may work sporadically, or not at all; using a smartphone while visiting another country is prohibitively expensive; and a failed connection always seems to happen at the worst possible time. Staying connected can be challenging in developed countries as well. For example,...