Timbuktu’s Hopeful, Troubled Peace

Religion Fellows 2013

By Katie Orlinsky

October 09, 2013

Also published by The New Yorker

Photographs by Katie Orlinsky, reporting from Mali on a fellowship from the International Reporting Project. For the full story, visit The New Yorker.

A Malian military convoy in downtown Timbuktu.

A wedding celebration.

The Sidi Mahmoud Cemetery, which was destroyed by Islamist militants.

Community leaders leave a ceremony honoring Timbuktu’s Crisis Committee.

A market in Timbuktu.

Badje Sosandis, who returned to Timbuktu this month after fleeing last year's conflict.

Photo: Katie Orlinsky

Celebrating a circumcision.

Children at a Koranic school.

A UN peacekeeping patrol in a Tuareg village.

Flying over Timbuktu.