Sunday in a South African Township 2

New Media Fellows 2013

By Jina Moore

May 29, 2013

Also published at Jina Moore's Blog

I came to Tshepisong to meet Olga. When she had only two children herself, and she was only 30 years old, Olga began her life as a foster mother to AIDS orphans -- four children of her sister's, and later two children of her aunt's. The Christian Science Monitor has been writing about Olga and her journey since 2007.

As Sunday wound down, this is what I saw walking around Tshepisong, a township not far from Johannesburg. I was, above all, impressed. For instance: If I had a tin shack and a broken down wooden gate and an outhouse, would I spend the time and money and effort needed to coordinate them all in a delightful shade of pink?  I'm pretty sure I'd probably just watch TV.

Jina Moore is a 2013 IRP Fellow reporting on global health from Rwanda. This post originally appeared on her blog.