Starting From Less Than Zero: Liberia Rebuilds

Liberia 2010

By Sunni Khalid

January 11, 2011

Also appeared on WYPR, an NPR affiliate.

Sunni Khalid produced a week-long series of radio pieces that aired on WYPR, an NPR affiliate. In each segment, he discussed his experiences as an IRP Gatekeeper Editor to Liberia.

Khalid began by examining the West African country's rebirth and new direction, and then turned to look at the nation's efforts to kick-start its economy.

The third part of the series explored the problems of sexual abuse and violence in Liberia , before turning to violence in general in the while the fourth segment. Khalid found that though the war has had a devastating effect on all involved, especially child soldiers, the country retains an air of optimism, with the chance of returning to war appearing increasingly improbable.

Khalid wrapped up the series with an investigation of an issue often overlooked in post-war coverage of the country of tantamount importance to Liberians: land disputes.

As Liberia rebuilds after 14 years of civil war, its journey is slow but its people are optimistic.

Sunni Khalid is a senior reporter in WYPR's News Department. He reported from Liberia on a grant from the International Reporting Project (IRP).