No more war

Fellows Fall 2003

By Jessie Deeter

June 04, 2009

United Nations peacekeepers moved into Liberia in 2003 to help implement a peace deal and make the country secure both for civilians and for the transitional government that was put in place after President Charles Taylor was exiled. With unique access to the mission under Force Commander General Daniel Opande, FRONTLINE/World reporter Jessie Deeter, accompanies the charismatic Opande into the war-torn region as the mission faces one of its biggest challenges -- to disarm more than 100,000 former fighters and offer them an alternative to war.

Click here to watch Deeter's story for Frontline/World.

Reader Comments

  • Adrienne Jacobs said:


    I’ve been trying for quite a while now to access ‘Liberia: No More War’ to use for my Master’s Thesis. I contacted PBS, and apprently the rights have expired, and they are not at liberty to share it anymore. I am located in Germany, and the closest library that has a copy on DVD is in Springfield, Mass, which in inconveniently far away.

    I am wondering if there is any other format, or any other way I could get my hands on the documentary. My thesis will not be published in any way.

    Thank you (anyone!) in advance for your help.

    Adrienne J.

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