Seema Mathur Continues Coverage on Post-Conflict Liberia

By IRP Staff, November 04, 2011

Since traveling to Liberia in fall 2010 as an IRP Fellow, Seema Mathur has continued to cover the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the lives of Liberians following a brutal 14-year civil war. Her reports from her fellowship, which aired on CNN, focused on topics such as the sexual violence during the civil war and the myriad issues in reintegrating former warlords into the post-conflict society. Seema also reflected on how individuals and nations reconcile themselves to atrocities committed during and in the wake of war in a video interview with IRP.Following her IRP fellowship, Mathur's interest in Liberia has not waned. She has reported for CNN and ABC on child soldiers, the empowerment of women in post-conflict environments, and entrepreneurial efforts to improve maternal and child health in Liberia.