Journalist-in-Residence fellowships FAQ

*Applications for the Journalist-in-Residence fellowship are not being accepted at this time.

What are the IRP Journalist-in-Residence fellowships?
In the past the International Reporting Project awarded fellowship to one or more mid-career or senior U.S. journalists to enable them to complete a significant project such as a book or documentary film relating to international topics or the international media.

Is this program the same as the IRP Fellowships in International Journalism?
No. The IRP Journalist-in-Residence fellowships are intended for more experienced journalists, usually for those who have already been foreign correspondents.

Who is eligible?
Any U.S. journalists with at least seven years of professional experience.

Do IRP Journalist-in-Residence fellows have to be U.S. citizens? Yes, only U.S. citizens are eligible.

Are there minimum and maximum age limits for IRP Journalists-in-Residence? No.

How long does the fellowship last?
Between one and eight months. The exact length of each fellowship will be determined based on the applicant's stated need and the availability of the fellowship at any given time.

What is the amount of the stipend? What other benefits are there?
The IRP Journalist-in-Residence receives a stipend of $5,000 a month. In addition, he or she is provided a fully-equipped office with computer, e-mail access, fax and telephone, in addition to complete access to New America facilities.

How many IRP Journalist-in-Residence fellowships are awarded each year?
Because the program will attempt to be as flexible as possible in meeting different needs of journalists, there may be variations in the number of Journalist-in-Residence fellowships awarded each year.

How are IRP Journalist-in-Residence fellows selected?
A selection committee will select IRP Journalist-in-Residence Fellows from the pool of proposals. Applicants should see the website for information on deadlines and instructions on what materials to submit.

Does the program provide health insurance coverage for Journalist-in-Residence fellows?
No. Health insurance coverage is the responsibility of each Fellow. The program encourages Fellows to make sure they have continuing coverage from their current plan.

Are there any expectations placed on IRP Journalists-in-Residence besides their project work?
IRP Journalist-in-Residence Fellows are expected to conduct a seminar based on either their project or another area of international affairs where they have knowledge and experience. In addition, they are encouraged to act as advisors or mentors to the IRP Fellows in International Journalism.