Patrick Pexton Named Ombudsman at The Washington Post

By IRP Staff, March 02, 2011

Patrick Pexton, a 2007 IRP Gatekeeper to Korea, has been named the new ombudsman at The Washington Post. This position will allow Patrick to put his 25 years of newspaper experience to work in promoting transparency and journalistic integrity at the paper. Business Wire reports on Patrick's move to ombudsmen from deputy editor of the National Journal:

"As ombudsman, Pexton will represent readers who have concerns on a variety of topics including accuracy, fairness, ethics and the newsgathering process and will serve as an internal critic for Washington Post journalism. He will also promote public understanding of The Post and the media more generally.

Pexton will respond to readers through columns in the newspaper, the Ombudsman blog and social media. His contract guarantees him editorial independence."

Patrick, a highly regarded IRP alumnus, wrote about the stark differences between North and South Korea that he encountered on his trip, along with a piece on President Bush's foreign policy shift from confrontation to diplomacy with North Korea.