David Francis Quoted on Bombing in Nigeria

By IRP Staff, January 03, 2012

After a bomb was detonated on Christmas Day in Nigeria, killing at least 35 people, 2011 IRP Fellow David Francis weighed in on religious violence in Nigeria, a topic he covered thoroughly when he visited the country last fall.

Francis was also quoted by reporters covering the attack in two publications.

Molly Born, in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article "Nigerians Here Fret Homeland's Violence," relied on Francis's expertise in the wake of the bombing. "They warned they were going to do this," David told her, remarking in particular that Sunday was "the perfect storm of international news coverage." Born continued, "Mr. Francis said disaffected youth compose the group, which formed in 2002 and is likely receiving some direction from an enemy outside the country.

" Scott Baldauf, of The Christian Science Monitor, also highlighted Francis's work in "Nigeria Dispatches Troops to North to Stop Boko Haram Attacks." Baldauf wrote, "David Francis, who reported for the Monitor last fall during a fellowship with the International Reporting Project, wrote that Boko Haram's tactics could provoke a wider war. He also found that some Nigerians wondered if Boko Haram might not be simply fighting in order to get paid off in a general amnesty."