Davan Maharaj Named Editor of The Los Angeles Times

By IRP Staff, December 13, 2011

The Los Angeles Times has announced that on December 23, Davan Maharaj will succeed Russ Stanton as executive vice president and editor of the paper. Maharaj, the managing editor for news at The Times since May 2008, traveled to Uganda on a fact-finding Gatekeeper Editors trip with IRP in 2008. More from the announcement: “Maharaj becomes the 15th editor of The Times. He joined the company in 1989, working as a reporter in Orange County, Los Angeles and East Africa. His six-part series "Living on Pennies," in collaboration with Times photographer Francine Orr, won the 2004 Ernie Pyle Award for Human Interest Writing and inspired readers to donate tens of thousands of dollars to aid agencies working in Africa. Closer to home, Maharaj's investigative report about a probate attorney who inherited millions of dollars in stock, land and other "gifts" from his clients led to changes in California probate law. "Maharaj also served as an assistant foreign editor and was appointed Business editor in 2007. During that time, he revamped the organization's Business coverage, giving greater emphasis to consumer issues and personal finances. Following his appointment as managing editor in 2008, Maharaj worked with Stanton to help transform The Times newsroom into a fully-staffed, 24-hour operation, delivering news across multiple platforms including digital, mobile, video and print.” Reuters' Lucas Shaw commented, “Maharaj will be the 15th editor in the paper's history, but the fifth in the last decade.”