Ann Kim in the Huffington Post

By IRP Staff, August 20, 2011

In an article at the Huffington Post titled "Cancer Rises in Africa, a Continent Unequipped to Deal With It," David J. Olson recounts a story told by Ann Kim, a spring 2011 IRP Fellow who focused on global health issues: "Earlier this year, Ann Kim, a freelance journalist on a fellowship from the International Reporting Project, went to Botswana to report on AIDS, where the adult HIV prevalence is 24 percent, the second highest in the world. "She found AIDS, but she also found cancer. 'Thank God I have AIDS and not cancer, because that would be a death sentence,' an HIV-positive woman told her in a clinic. Botswana, a well-off country by African standards, has a health system well-equipped for dealing with AIDS, but not cancer." Ann summarized the findings from her reporting trip in an April 2011 meeting with global health experts and other reporters.