Helen Coster Quoted on Bolivian Child Labor in Epoch Times

By IRP Staff, January 04, 2011


Helen Coster, a reporter for Forbes and a 2010 IRP Fellow to Bolivia, was quoted in a recent Epoch Times article on the reporting she did while on her IRP Fellowship. In "US Gives $20 Million to Eradicate Child Labor," Marco 't Hoen examines the child labor situation in Bolivia, using Helen Coster's IRP reporting on the steps some Bolivian unions have taken to regulating rather than eradicating child labor: "Bolivian NGOs are not seeking to stop child labor but are working to unite child laborers and provide better working conditions for them. In a report for the International Reporting Project, which provides opportunities for journalists to cover 'under covered' issues worldwide, Forbes writer Helen Coster wrote that unionized child workers claim 'child labor is a necessity born of poverty.' Rather than stop child labor, unionists in Bolivia are trying to regulate working conditions, and according to Coster, want wages comparable to what adults earn, safer work environments, better medical care, and initiatives to create a community for working children."