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Juliana Resende

Kenya 2012
BR Press
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Juliana Resende is the co-founder and executive editor of BR Press, a news agency that produces daily news services, articles, features, as well as editorial, corporate and institutional projects, press kits, newsletters and other publications. She is a multimedia and multitask media professional with 20 years of experience in the main Brazilian outlets, including newspapers such as Folha de S.Paulo, Folha da Tarde, Jornal da Tarde and O Estado de S. Paulo and magazines such as Veja São Paulo and Trip. She is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She graduated in Social Communications at PUC-SP (Brazil) in 1990 and did post graduate work in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland - UK) in 2009. While studying in the UK, from 2006 to 2010 she worked as a freelance contributor for Época, Rolling Stone Brazil, Elle Brazil and Marie Claire Brazil magazines. Due to an extended reporting assignment in Rio's “favelas” for O Estado de S. Paulo, Resende wrote the reportage-book “Operação Rio - Relatos de uma Guerra Brasileira” (“Operation Rio: Stories on a Brazilian War”), published in 1995, on Rio's shanty towns and poor communities and the violence their population has been immersed in as a result of a war between drug traffic gangs and the police. The book was quoted as the main source of a Human Rights Watch report related to the issue.  BR Press Journalistic Company LTD was founded in 1995, with the aim of bringing a unique ‘boutique’ news agency concept. Besides its pioneering expertise on the production and distribution of creative multimedia content, including top stories, for the editorial market, BR Press also provides special coverage, as well as Press Office bilingual services (English/Portuguese).


  • No jardim de ‘Mama’ Obama

    Read an English translation. Avó postiça de Barack Obama, Sarah Onyango Obama tornou-se uma atração turística no Quênia, país do...

  • In the Garden of “Mama” Obama

    {image-1} Barack Obama's step-grandmother, Sarah Onyango Obama, 90, has become a tourist attraction in Kenya, homeland of the U.S. president’s paternal grandfather, Barack Obama, Sr., and the country in...

  • Com fome, país luta contra AIDS

    {image-1} Read an English translation. "O HIV é um desastre nacional". São palavras do  Dr. Bashir M. Issak, diretor da Divisão de Saúde Reprodutiva do...

  • Hungry, Kenya Fights AIDS

    “HIV is a national disaster.” These are the words of Dr. Bashir M. Issak, director of the Reproductive Health Division of the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation in Kenya....

  • How Are You?

    Expecting social, political and economic degradation in an African slum is akin to saying it’s wet when it rains. Everyone knows the continent is the poorest, most abused, and most...

  • How Are You? (Portuguese)

    Read an English translation. {image-1} Esperar ver desgraça social, política e econômica numa favela da África soa como chover no molhado. Todo (o) mundo sabe...

  • Quênia: Microcosmo da África

    {image-1} Read an English translation. "Hakuna matata", "karibu" e "harambee" podem ser consideradas a santa trindade cultural do Quênia. São palavras-chave em Swahili, o dialeto africano mais falado...

  • Kenya: Microcosm of Africa

    “Hakuna matata,” “karibu,” and “harambee” may be considered the Holy Trinity of Kenyan culture. They are key words in Swahili, the most-spoken African dialect in the...

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