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Kimberlee Acquaro

Fellows Fall 2001
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Kimberlee Acquaro is a filmmaker and photojournalist based in Venice, California whose work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post Magazine, TIME Magazine, US New & World Report, Mother Jones and many international publications. Acquaro's work has also been featured on CBS, NPR, "The Tavis Smiley Show," Voice of America and BBC/PRI's "The World." She was awarded an IRP Fellowship in International Journalism and documented Rwandan women's emerging rights and roles in the country's reconciliation and reconstruction. Her photographs have been exhibited in New York, Santa Barbara and Washington, D.C. and have been displayed through the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Her first documentary film, "God Sleeps in Rwanda," was named an Academy Award finalist for Best Documentary Short.


  • “The World” Interviews Kimberlee Acquaro

    A conversation with Kimberlee Acquaro regarding the role of women in Rwanda's reconstruction and reconciliation.  

  • Rwandan Woman

    Tavis Smiley talks to Kimberlee Acquaro, a photo-journalist who's recent article in Mother Jones magazine, "Out of Madness, A Matriarchy," tells the stories of women who survived Rwanda's genocide and are now...

  • Out of Madness, A Matriarchy

    On April 7, 1994, when the genocide was in its second day, Joseline Mujawamariya, then 17, huddled with her twin sister and younger brother in the tall grass on the outskirts of her village, Butamwe,...

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