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Katie Thomas

Fellows Fall 2006
United States

Katie Thomas joined the New York Times as sports reporter in 2008. Prior to joining the Times she was a general-assignment reporter for Newsday, where she covered a range of topics, including local towns, courts, state government, and growth on Long Island's East End. Thomas has worked on several award-winning projects, including two investigative series -- one examining the influence of politics in the selection of Long Island judges, and another that uncovered cronyism and waste in Suffolk County's nationally-recognized land preservation program. She has covered several major news events, including the terrorist attacks of September 11, the blackout of 2003, and Hurricane Katrina. Thomas is the author of the recently released book Waters Dark and Deep, an account of one New Orleans family's rescue and reunification after Hurricane Katrina.


  • Slaves of the Congo

    A Pygmy family in Boyelle, a village in the Republic of the Congo, in front of their house constructed in the Pygmy style with mud, sticks and palm fronds. March 4, 2007 ENYELLÉ,...

  • Trying to change minds in the Congo

    Katie Thomas A sign in the waiting area at the Counseling Center at the hospital in Mindouli, one of the largest towns in the Pool Region of the Republic of the Congo. ...

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