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Cathy Shufro

Fellows Spring 2012
Freelance journalist

Cathy Shufro is a freelance print journalist and photographer with extensive experience covering medicine and public health. She has written for newspapers and magazines from Johns Hopkins Public Health and the Yale Alumni Magazine to The New York Times and The Hartford Courant, and she has reported on global health from Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Thailand. Much of her work seeks to explain science and medicine to a general audience. Topics have ranged from the micro (how odor reception in fruit flies can suggest ways to prevent malaria) to the macro (the global implications of untreatable TB in rural South Africa). She also frequently writes profiles of scientists, doctors and scholars, plus the occasional playwright or surfer. Shufro began her career as a reporter and photographer at the daily News-Times in Danbury, Connecticut. She teaches non-fiction writing at Yale and serves as a writing tutor for Yale’s Bass Writing Program. She graduated from Brown University.

Post-IRP Stories


  • Maternity’s Thin Line

    The handwritten notes in the hospital logbook are spare, but they tell the story of how a woman named Amina Seidu nearly died giving birth at one of the best hospitals in...

  • An Eyes-Only Rotation in Thailand

    A previous accident had already cost the Thai fisherman his sight in one eye when a fish jumped from a bucket and slapped him in the face. The blow ruptured the fisherman...

  • A Stick in the Heart

    Tin Tun rides his motorbike through the Thai border town of Mae Sot. He cruises past rice fields on the outskirts until he reaches the warehouse of a corn-processing plant. A wiry...

  • Daw Aung San Suu Kyi on Living “Never Free From Fear”

    Burmese activist Daw Aung San Suu Kyi spoke calmly and deliberately, elegant in her silk sarong, red flowers in her black hair. But as she addressed an audience of nearly 700 in Sprague...

  • Renewing Ties to Myanmar

    Burma was an up-and-coming democracy in 1954 when Johns Hopkins established its Rangoon-Hopkins Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Rangoon University. Burma had been independent from Britain for only six years, but it...

  • Myanmar Election Brings New Hope and the Same Old Worries

    On election day in Myanmar, the music blasts in downtown Yangon. Rappers riff on Burmese politics and the crowd sings and shouts the chorus: "Stand up Myanmar, Myanmar stand up!" In front...

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