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Sanchita Sharma

Kenya 2012
Hindustan Times
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Sanchita Sharma is the health editor of the Hindustan Times, a multi-editioned English daily newspaper in India with a readership of over 10 million. Based in New Delhi, she heads a national team of health reporters and is responsible for all health and medical coverage, including disease outbreaks, hospitals, government policy and wellness in the news and feature pages of the newspaper and the website. She has a weekly print and online column called HealthWise that appears every Sunday. Sharma has been reporting and writing on public health policy, healthcare industry and nutrition for close to two decades.  She began her career in India's leading news magazine, India Today and later for the Indian Express newspaper. She was part of the expert group that drafted the Press Council of India’s media guidelines on health reporting, including reporting on people living with HIV in 2008.


  • Boom Country

    Samuel Siringi, 36, is one of 27 siblings. “My father put together three wives who had 27 children between them. My family ran out of names for the children so we have the same...

  • Wonder Drugs That Keep Families Together

    He is simply called "the Orphan". He is the nameless 14-year-old who lives with his aunt Mary Adiamborogo, 35, a frail young widow and her two children in Manyatta, a suburban village in...

  • Cruel Cut: Female Circumcision in East Africa

    Vivian Magero, 23, was nine when she narrowly escaped female genital mutilation (FGM), also referred to as female circumcision. Ironically, it wasn't her tribe, community or parents who were forcing her to...

  • Granny Obama Puts Kenya Town on Map

    {image-1} Mama Sarah Obama, 90, is Kisumu's biggest tourist attraction, even bigger than Lake Victoria, the world's second largest freshwater lake that hugs this town in western Kenya. Since her step-grandson...

  • What Women Want

    Much like India, Kenya makes excellent laws very efficiently and then fails to implement them as efficiently. As a result of the government's spectacular failure to ensure men are not more...

  • Crowded House: Living and Dreaming in Kibera

    Breakfast at Lord Delamere Terrace at Nairobi's historic Norfolk Hotel is delightfully charming. Named after the eccentric British colonialist Lord Delamere (1870-1931) who infamously jumped his horse over dining tables on...

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