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Julia Lyon

Fellows Fall 2009
Salt Lake Tribune

Julia Lyon covers social services at The Salt Lake Tribune in Utah, where she has written about poverty issues ranging from hunger to homelessness. Over the past year, she became the paper’s lead refugee reporter and began to explore the huge challenges facing Salt Lake City’s newest arrivals from Africa, Iraq and Burma.

She was previously a reporter at The Bulletin in Bend, Ore. where she began her journalism career in the farm fields of Jefferson County. There she learned to appreciate how a town’s love for basketball could transcend race and socio-economics and how a proposed power plant could divide a community.

In both Bend and Salt Lake City, Julia also covered K-12 education issues including charter schools and No Child Left Behind. She is a graduate of Columbia’s Journalism School and Columbia College. Prior to her newspaper career, she worked as a dance critic for CitySearch.com in New York City. A native of Bethesda, Julia and her husband live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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