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David Aquila Lawrence

Fellows Spring 2000
Middle East

David Aquila Lawrence  has been covering Iraq since he first went there on an IRP fellowship in March of 2000.  In April 2009 he joined  NPR as Baghdad Bureau Chief.  \"Quil\" as he's been known since birth, grew up in East Benton, Maine. After a few years supporting a passion for travel and writing, he found his way to journalism in 1996, writing his first pieces from Morocco for The Toronto Globe and Mail and Christian Science Monitor Radio.

Quil moved to Bogota, Colombia in 1996, stringing for the Los Angeles Times, NPR and the BBC. For three years he reported on the Andean region, using Colombia as a base. A Spring 2000  IRP (Pew) Fellowship took Quil to Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan and Syria. He free-lanced from Cuba, Sudan and Morocco before joining the BBC as Latin America correspondent for The World, a week-day coproduction of PRI, WGBH and the BBC World Service

While at the BBC Quil covered Afghanistan in the final days of the Taliban, and returned there periodically to report on security, politics, culture and the drug trade. In 2003 he returned to Iraq three months before the US invasion. He crossed the mountains from Iran in a January blizzard, and stayed in the Kurdish controlled region until the fall of the government in Baghdad. Quil reported extensively from Iraq for The World, travelling to every major city, and reporting from all the neighboring countries. He covered the assault on Fallujah, and all of Iraq’s elections. Quil is the author of Invisible Nation: How the Kurds Quest for Statehood is Shaping Iraq and the Middle East.

Quil has won awards for his coverage of Colombia, Sudan and Iraq. He is fluent in Spanish and conversant in Arabic.


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