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Christopher Hondros

Fellows Spring 2001
Freelance Photo

Christopher Hondros is a staff photographer for Getty Images News Service. Based in New York City, he has photographed in many of the world's major conflict zones since the late 1990s, including Kosovo, Angola, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Kashmir, the West Bank, Iraq, the Georgia-Russian war, and Liberia. His work has been published in most of the important newspapers and magazines of Europe, Asia and the United States. Hondros's images have received dozens of awards, including multiple honors from World Press Photo in Amsterdam, the National Pictures of the Year Competition, and the John Faber award from the Overseas Press Club in New York. In 2004 Hondros was a Nominated Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Spot News Photography for his work in Liberia, and in 2006 he was awarded the Robert Capa Gold Medal, war photography's highest honor, for "exceptional courage and enterprise" in his work from Iraq. He received a degree in English literature from North Carolina State University and did graduate work in photojournalism at Ohio University.

Post-IRP Stories


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