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Jack Epstein

Egypt 2006
San Francisco Chronicle

Jack Epstein is the foreign editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. Previously he headed the newspaper’s foreign service department, overseeing coverage by freelancers and stringers from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Before joining the Chronicle, he spent many years in Latin America. He began his journalism career in 1980 freelancing from Central and South America. He had worked for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Brazil and Panama and traveled through the region, producing the 1977 travel guide, Along the Gringo Trail. In 1982 he received a grant from the Fund for Investigative Journalism to research the links between Central America’s Miskito Indians and the CIA, spending four months in Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica, producing a series of articles for Pacific News Service and the National Catholic Reporter. From 1983 to 1988 he freelanced in the San Francisco area. In 1989 he moved to Mexico City to teach journalism and to freelance. Four years later he moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he worked primarily for the Associated Press and TIME magazine. He returned to California in 2000 and joined the Chronicle. He received a B.A. in Latin American Studies from UCLA.

Epstein was awarded a prior fellowship with IRP, reporting from Indonesia in 2011.


  • Religious Extremism, Tolerance Clash in Indonesia

    Muslim youths swear to become martyrs in the event of Osama bin Laden's death at a 2010 rally in Central Java, Indonesia.Anwar Mustafa / AFP/Getty ImagesOn Good Friday, Pepi Fernando and four...

  • Indonesia Is a Nation of Contrasts

    Among the dolls for sale at a Jakarta flea market are likenesses of President Obama and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, both popular in Indonesia.Jack Epstein / San Francisco ChronicleThere are many...

  • Indonesian Government Battles Corruption

    The government campaign to curtail corruption includes this poster hanging at Jakarta's airport that says "Corruption brings misery."Jack Epstein / San Francisco ChronicleFormer finance ministry official Gayus Tambunan was jailed late last...

  • Fight to Save Rainforest in Indonesia

    A rare sighting of an orangutan in the wild in Kalimantan. Their population is shrinking due to habitat loss.Jack Epstein / San Francisco ChronicleAfter several years of clear-cutting Borneo rain forests for...

  • In Indonesia, Rampant Smoking Begins at Early Age

    Two-year-old Ardi Rizal puffs on a cigarette while playing in the yard at home on Sumatra island.Ahmad Naafi / AFP/ Getty ImagesThe poster child for Indonesia's tobacco culture is a 2-year-old boy...

  • In Egypt, the Pharaohs’ Outspoken Defender Kicks Up a Dust Storm

    GIZA, Egypt – Zahi Hawass, the man selected to preserve Egypt's magnificent monuments, has never been timid about protecting his nation's heritage. At a preview of a King Tut display at Chicago's...

  • From Cairo’s trash, a model of recycling

    CAIRO, Egypt – At a school unlike any in the Middle East, 15-year-old Magdi Shenuda learns how to use a computer to track the number of plastic bottles he recycled in the...

  • Fundamentalism fears

    CAIRO, Egypt – She found the death threat pinned to her car. The words "Your destiny" were scrawled near guns pointed at a photo of Anwar Sadat, Egypt's assassinated president. It wasn't...

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