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Charlotte Buchen

Fellows Fall 2010
Freelance video

Charlotte Buchen has shot and produced independent documentaries, news stories and short films for outlets including PBS “FRONTLINE/World,” Newsweek.com, Current TV and StreetFilms.  As a producer/shooter for PBS “FRONTLINE/World,” she has produced stories from France, India and most recently, Egypt.  For InCite Pictures in New York she served as an associate producer for "The Education of Shelby Knox" (PBS POV 2005) and "The Trenchcoat Gang" (Court TV 2004). Her documentary "All the Way Home," about the psychological wounds of war, was recently broadcast nationwide on PBS.  Buchen holds a BA in Political Science from Vassar College and a Masters from UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. She is originally from New York but is currently based in San Francisco, where she works as a producer and outreach coordinator for “FRONTLINE/World” and enjoys surfing the Pacific Ocean.


  • Transcending Terror: The Music of Pakistan

    Charlotte Buchen traveled to Pakistan to report on traditional and modern music as a 2010 IRP Fellow. In this video, Buchen discusses a Pakistan beyond terrorism by exploring the religious and popular music...

  • The Islam That Hard-Liners Hate

    In Pakistan's heartland, holy men with bells tied to their feet close their eyes and sway to the music. Nearby, rose petals are tossed on tombstones. Free food is distributed to devotees. ...

  • Sufism Under Attack in Pakistan

    Sufism, Pakistan's most popular branch of Islam, has seen a rise of attacks against its worshipers at shrines. The bombings are part of an ongoing battle to enforce a more conservative brand...

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