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Julia Barton

Fellows Fall 2000
WHYY-FM Philadelphia

<p>Julia Barton is a freelance journlist whose work can be found on <a href="http://juliabarton.com/">her website</a>.</p>
<p>She was formerly an editor at American Public Media's "Weekend America," based in St. Paul, Minnesota.In 2002 she returned to Ukraine, the site of her 2000 IRP Fellowship project, and to Russia as a Knight International Press Fellow.</p>
<p>At the time of her IRP Fellowship, she was a reporter for WHYY in Philadelphia, covering politics and social issues. Her work there appeared on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition," and "Weekend All Things Considered," as well as on "Marketplace," "The World," "Latino USA," and other public radio programs.</p>
<p>As a freelance writer, she published articles in Salon, Chicago Reader, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Dallas Observer and Tampa Review. In 1998 she traveled to Armenia to teach long-form radio prdouction for Internews.</p>
<p>She has a Masters in Fine Arts degree in nonfiction writing from the University of Iowa and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Oberlin College.</p>

Post-IRP Stories

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  • Ukrainian Journalist Believed Dead

    UKRAINE, November 20, 2000 -- Two months ago, the founder of an Ukrainian Internet newspaper disappeared. But the recent discovery of a body believed to be the missing journalist has created a controversy in...

  • Cloud of Political Scandal Over Ukraine

    Image used in Ukrainian newspapers to symbolize the missing journalist. Kiev, UKRAINE, December 14, 2000 -- As Ukrainian authorities prepare to shut down the Chernobyl nuclear plant's last functioning reactor at a ceremony tomorrow,...

  • Tourist Shortage in Yalta

    UKRAINE, December 20, 2000 -- Julia Barton reports on how Yalta a tiny piece of land between a mountain chain and the Black sea is dealing with the lack of tourists during this winter.

  • Rockin’ in the Ukraine

    UKRAINE, January 24, 2001 -- In the bad old days of the Soviet Union, rock musicians were on the cutting edge. They were rebels in a repressive society and they offered teenagers an exciting...

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