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Tamara Banks

Rwanda 2011
KBDI Colorado Public Television

Tamara Banks is the Denver-based host and producer of the live one-hour talk show Studio 12 on KBDI Colorado Public Television. She recently returned from her fourth reporting trip to the Sudan/Darfur region where she is filming a documentary. Banks has extensive experience in international coverage, including reporting on the 2010 Haiti earthquake, reporting in Jordan shortly after the September 11th attacks and reporting from Iraq. She is the president and CEO of TazMedia, which produces films for organizations focused on social justice. Her previous work included international coverage for the Denver Post, and anchoring for KWGN-TV in Denver, Colorado. She holds a B.A. in Mass Media from the University of Northern Colorado.


  • Learning the Lessons of the Rwandan Genocide

    Tamara Banks discussed her impressions of Rwanda recently with Amy Oliver, host of a two-hour talk show on Colorado's 1310 KFKA News Talk. In this interview, she describes her trip to Rwanda nearly 18...

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