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  • Visit to KINU

    As part of our visits with the International Reporting Project, this afternoon we went to Kinu, an innovation tech space for Tanzanian start-ups in Dar Es Salaam. When we arrived, there was an animation training (here pictured) going on. A lot more people than I expected. A few companies and entrerpreneurs on the works. A lot of the coding talk here sounded very much like coding talk in New York.  Johnpaul Barretto, KINU’s co-founder and community manager, said about 80% of their users are male and 18-28 years old. But what surprised me the most, considering we learned that the internet penetration rate in Tanzania is from 2 to 12%, is that his users, he said, come from across the board economic backgrounds. Really!? I am reporting on agricultural innovation and food security in Tanzania on a fellowship with the International Reporting...

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