Kelly McEvers's Blogs

  • Kelly McEvers Explores the Dilemma of a Foreign Correspondent

    Kelly McEvers, a freelance correspondent for National Public Radio based in Beirut, Lebanon, reported from Russia as an IRP Fellow in Spring 2006. During that time, she was detained and interrogated in the republic of Dagestan in Russia’s troubled south, and reported on her experience. McEvers's recent documentary, “Diary of a Bad Year: A War Correspondent’s Dilemma,” explores the dangerous nature of work as a foreign correspondent, and presents the question, “Why do otherwise intelligent people risk their lives when they don’t have to?” The documentary is the product of a year-long audio diary in which McEvers spoke with fellow conflict journalists about how they continue their work in the face of imminent danger and if they believed they could stop if they wanted to. She gathers insights from a long list of colleagues, including...

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