What U.S. editors learned in Africa

Listen to editors from The New York Times, The Plain Dealer and Seattle Times explain why they went on IRP Gatekeepers trip to Kenya

Kenya 2009

July 21, 2009

Jim Simon is the assistant managing editor of The Seattle Times, overseeing local and regional news coverage and the Sunday newspaper. He has worked as an editor and reporter for the Times for 25 years. Learn more about Simon...

Debra Adams Simmons is managing editor of The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio, where she is responsible for the daily news operation of the state's largest newspaper. Prior to joining the Plain Dealer in 2007, Simmons spent four years as vice president and editor of the Akron Beacon Journal. Learn more about Simmons...

Watch Debra Adams Simmons explain why she went on the 2009 IRP Gatekeepers trip to Kenya.

Greg Winter came to The New York Times in 2000, and started as a business reporter. During his five years as a reporter, he went on to cover national news and, in his longest beat, was a national education writer. In 2005, Greg became and editor and joined the foreign desk, where he supervises the paper's eight correspondents in Africa, Latin America and at the United Nations. Learn more about Winter...

Watch Greg Winter explain why he went on the 2009 IRP Gatekeepers trip to Kenya.

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