Video: IRP and Kim Dae-jung

Korea 2007

August 18, 2009

Former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, who died August 18, met with the IRP Gatekeeper Editors in Seoul in November 2007 during the group's visit to Korea. In an hour-long interview with the Gatekeepers, the former Nobel Peace Prize Laureate spoke about South Korean politics, North Korea and its nuclear program, Korea's relations with the United States and about the future of North-South unification, a major goal of his policies during his 1998-2003 presidency. Above is a one-minute excerpt of Kim's interview that is part of the 15-minute film about the Korea trip made by video journalist Matt O'Neill, who accompanied the Gatekeepers. Following the group's interview with Kim, one of the Gatekeepers, Michael Mosettig, a senior producer for PBS's "NewsHour with Jim Lehrer," wrote about the meeting. His story, which is available here, was just one of many dispatches about Korea, both South and North, that was produced by the Gatekeepers. Also, see IRP Director John Schidlovsky's blog item about the death of Kim and that 2007 interview.

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    I go every year, for obvious renasos, but it usually blows. It is full of old people and children. There are constant fights as they all try to get free samples of yet another Korean taste treat.It is supposed to be an opportunity for vendors to find new outlets for their products but it is really a tourism event. I have only made one contact and even that guy gave up on trying to sell his products in Korea when he realized that there were really no potential buyers other than two or three whities.I guess the city of Gwangju has to justify the construction of the Kim Daejung Convention Center somehow.

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