Training to Become a Star in Swaziland and Beyond

Fellows Fall 2011

By Alex Gallafent

November 09, 2011

Also aired on PRI's "The World"

The US State Department has been sending musicians overseas for years.

It's an easy way to spread goodwill to different parts of the globe, especially to countries that don't get so much attention.

One example: Swaziland, a small country in southern Africa.

American jazz singer Keri Chryst coaches young vocalists in Manzini, Swaziland.Photo: Alex Gallafent

The World's Alex Gallafent meets a pair of American jazz musicians, Keri Chryst and Jeff Hoffman, as they deliver a workshop to a group of young Swazi vocalists.

One in particular, 21-year-old Lando Dlamini, has dreams of stardom. "I'm international, baby," she declares.

Alex Gallafent is a correspondent for PRI's "The World." He reported from Swaziland on a Fellowship from the International Reporting Project (IRP).