Mozambican Art Exhibit Offers Stark Visual of Pediatrician Shortages

Mozambique 2014

By Tara Haelle

October 27, 2014

Also published on Red Wine & Applesauce

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I would share the other exhibit at the National Museum of Art in Maputo that I most compelling. I originally included it with that post, but these images deserved their own. The second floor art installation, by artist Naguib Abdula, starkly reveals children’s limited access to quality health care in this country.

Eleven doctor coats, one for each province of Mozambique plus the capital city, had been stiffened and painted. On the base of each one is the population of that province. Inside the coat is the number of pediatricians in that province. For example, the province Niassa has one pediatrician. For 1.2 million inhabitants. There are five pediatricians in the province Nampula. Where 4.1 million Mozambicans live. See all of them below. Unsettling and effective.

Edited to add: My colleague here in Mozambique, Chrysula Winegar, has also written about the pediatrician coats exhibit with additional context, much of which we learned this morning at a UNICEF meeting. Please check out her short, informative piece!

I am reporting from Mozambique as a fellow with the International Reporting Project (IRP)