Meet the New Media Journalists Traveling to India

India 2013

January 07, 2013

The International Reporting Project (IRP) has selected ten innovative journalists and new media experts from around the world to participate in a ten-day trip to India on February 17-27, 2013.

The new media journalists will meet with a wide range of Indians and explore issues of child survival in India. Among the topics we will examine are the development of vaccines, child malnutrition, tuberculosis, polio, HIV/AIDS, maternal health, access to clean water and hygiene, privatization of health care and its affect on child survival, and the impact of agricultural and rural development on child survival.

"This trip represents IRP’s renewed focus on using innovative tools to report on critical, under-covered international issues," said John Schidlovsky, director of the Washington-based IRP.

The new media journalists, their affiliation and their countries of origin are:

Hagit Bachrach, – Israel
Joy Doreen Biira, KTN Kenya – Uganda
Jose Miguel Calatayud, freelance – Spain
Jennifer Uloma Igwe, Nigeria TV Authority – Nigeria
Mark Kaigwa, – Kenya
Leon Kaye, freelance – United States
Joanne Manaster, freelance – United States
Lindsey Mastis, Feature Story News – United States
Roshanak Taghavi, freelance – United States

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Radha Das, a social health activist, applies the Hepatitis B vaccine to a child at a rural health center in India.

Photo: United Nations Development Programme

The India trip is IRP’s nineteenth reporting trip since 2000. Previous IRP trip participants have traveled to Saudi Arabia, Kenya (in 2009 and 2012), Rwanda, Indonesia (in 2000 and 2011), Liberia, China, Peru, Turkey, Uganda, Korea, Nigeria, Egypt, India, Lebanon/Syria, South Africa, and Brazil. In addition to the trips, the IRP continues to offer individual fellowships to U.S. and international reporters.

Support for IRP is provided by foundations, individuals and nongovernmental donors. The program is based in Washington at the Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

For more information, contact the International Reporting Project at 202-663-7761 or at

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