Indonesia’s President: “We Have to Protect Freedom of Religion”

Indonesia 2011

October 04, 2011

The International Reporting Project (IRP) and 11 senior U.S. editors and producers traveled to Indonesia from May 6-20, 2011, to learn more about this important country in Asia.

The Gatekeepers concluded their trip by meeting with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), the President of Indonesia, to talk about pressing issues his country faces.

On the subject of religious tolerance, he states, "We have to protect the freedom of religion in this country."

He continues, "So the position of the government is quite clear. We should not and cannot ban any religions in this country, like Ahmadiyah, but we try to regulate with the aim of avoiding of preventing the physical clash that might happen between the two followers."

Video by Jacob Templin.

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