Growing Haiti – Piti, Piti, Wazo Fe Nich Li.

New Media Fellows 2013

By Sokari Ekine

April 16, 2013

Also published at Black Looks

Growing Haiti is a South-South collaboration which focuses on strengthening Haitian women and families via sustainable micro gardening initiatives. With the support of friends and family, Mark Jacobs, a Guyanese farmer, writer, and educator, has been working with Haitian people on growing vegetables and other sustainable agriculture related initiatives. One focus is income generation from selling excess produce. The second is training in sustainable urban [micro] gardening including working with children in schools and neighborhoods.

School garden, Port-au-Prince

Building raised beds for planting

Getting ready for the market

In Guyanese Creolese or Haitian Kreyol, the message is the same: Love and liberation- yesterday, today, and forever. Wan wan dutty build dam. Piti, piti, wazo fe nich li. Little by little, the bird builds its nest.

Sokari Ekine is a Nigerian feminist writer and activist.  She is co-author of “Queer African Reader” with Hakima Abbas,  to be published in April and “African Awakenings” with Firoze Manji  [2011]. She is presently  IRP New Media Fellow in Haiti and blogs at Black Looks