Flying Over Zambia

Zambia 2013

By Jennifer James

August 02, 2013

Also published at Jennifer James Online

In order to get from Livingstone--where we stayed a day after visiting the Macha Malaria Research Institute--to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, in a relatively short time we flew. If there are two things I love to do in Africa it’s this: take a road trip through the rural areas of a country and fly domestically. Love, love, love both of those things! Why? Because I get to see a country in a way you simply can’t flying into the country from, say, Dubai. I love to see as much of Africa as I can. Road trips and flights let you actually see not only how people live, but the wide expanse of Africa.

Flying over Lusaka


Africa is huge and beautiful! There is something about the continent that keeps drawing me back. I’m not quite sure why, but I will say this: I can’t wait to go back! I am just grateful that I have had the opportunity to see Africa in my lifetime. Really grateful.

Flying from Livingstone to Lusaka


Flying over Lusaka

Landing in Lusaka

Flying Over Zambia


Jennifer James is traveling to Zambia as an International Reporting Project Zambia Fellow. The International Reporting Project is a part of  The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. She is reporting on HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis and how these three infectious diseases acutely affect mothers and children. You can follow her journey at #ZambiaHealth.



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