Dusk in Lusaka

Zambia 2013

By Jennifer James

July 16, 2013

Also published at Jennifer James Online

Tonight there was no way I was going to order room service again! No way! I ordered room service last night so I could stay in and get some work done. Why pay more when you have other options? Before the sun went down, I mozied to the grocery store, which is a quick ten minute walk from the hotel.

On the way I couldn’t help but feel how gorgeous the weather is here. It’s perfect! It’s winter in Zambia, and on this side of the globe for that matter. When I left to buy my dinner it was a brisk 70 degrees. I had to wear a jacket, which coming from humid and hot North Carolina is nice. The sun was going down and the wind was blowing ever so slighting where you felt a distinct chill in the air. I can’t pinpoint where I have felt weather like this before. I want to say California, but that wouldn’t be right, but it’s close. It’s probably more like Ethiopia when I visited last December, but that’s not right either. My body has felt this weather before, I just can’t pinpoint where and when. Before I leave I am going to figure it out!

Here are a few photos of dusk here is Lusaka. All of these photos have no filter. I posted them as-is. That’s not to say they’re particularly good, just that I am getting so dependent on my lovely photo editor apps that I wanted to just shoot and share.

I am in Zambia from July 14 – 24, 2013 as an International Reporting Project Zambia Fellow. The International Reporting Project is a part of  The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. I will be reporting on HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis and how these three infectious diseases acutely affect mothers and children. You can follow our journey for the next 11 days at #ZambiaHealth. You can read all of my posts from global development articles  to personal observations on my Storify: Daily Updates: @JenniferJames’, Trip to #Zambia with @IRPChirps #ZambiaHealth.

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