Dr Abhay Bang and Dr Rani Bang’s Medical Centre

New Media Fellows 2013

By Anindita Sengupta

March 23, 2013

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Dr Abhay Bang and Dr Rani Bang’s medical centre in rural Gadchiroli which caters to Adivasis in the region is an inspiring place. They also train community health workers to provide home-based neo-natal care. What struck me about the place was an air of peace, the absence of the oppressive sort of smell that hangs over most hospitals. The complex is open and green. There’s lots of space between the buildings which are all built in the local style. There are people doing some regular, non-hospital type things like praying at the temple near the entrance or hanging washing out on the line. There’s a kids playground. It’s an overwhelmingly positive place despite the wide range of illnesses that must pass through its corridors.

Health worker






Waiting 2


People wait to register at SEARCH, Gadchiroli. The hospital provides affordable services to people in the district.

Temple at SEARCH, Gadchiroli

The entry to Abhay and Rani Bang's hospital at Gadchiroli, one of the most backward districts of Maharashtra

The hospital has facilities for basic tests and many come here for these because they cost a fraction of what they would cost elsewhere.

SEARCH works in nearby villages to provide home-based neo-natal care. The idea is to take care to newborn babies where they can access it easiest -- at home. Community health workers are trained in each village.

Kajubai has been working as a SEARCH health worker for 18 years. She has handled innumerable babies and saved some of them.

The temple of tribal Goddess Danteshwari

Anindita Sengupta is a 2013 IRP New Media Fellow. In February 2013, Anindita joined IRP on the Spring 2013 trip to India to report on child survival.