Children of Chawama

Zambia 2013

By Jennifer James

July 16, 2013

Also published at Jennifer James Online

Children in Chawama compound. Lusaka, Zambia

Yesterday we went to Chawama, a compound, or slum, to visit a Safe Love Club meeting. Safe Love Clubs are youth clubs that teach its members about HIV education, awareness, and prevention. I wrote an entire post about Safe Love Clubs for the Gates Foundation. I will link to it once it’s published.

After the meeting children were everywhere and, of course, I decided to take some photos. They were all too cute even though they live in the compound where poverty is rife. Still, they had the beautiful faces like all the children I see on my visits.

Children from Kenya, Ethiopia, and India

I am in Zambia as an International Reporting Project Zambia Fellow. The International Reporting Project is a part of  The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. I will be reporting on HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis and how these three infectious diseases acutely affect mothers and children. You can follow our journey for the next 11 days at #ZambiaHealth. You can read all of my posts from global development articles  to personal observations on my Storify: Daily Updates: @JenniferJames’, Trip to #Zambia with @IRPChirps #ZambiaHealth.

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