Reporting Trip on Development in Brazil

Brazil 2014


December 16, 2013

The International Reporting Project (IRP) is pleased to announce a two-week group reporting trip for new media participants on April 5–19 to Brazil. The application deadline has passed.

Brazil has made major progress on several Millennium Development Goals, including reducing poverty and hunger and improving the health of its citizens, and this trip will examine those topics.

IRP Fellows will travel as a group to focus on issues related to health, poverty, hunger, and development, including successes and challenges in maternal health, child mortality, HIV/AIDS, hunger and food security, technological innovation, economy and business, urban and rural health care, environmental sustainability and women's empowerment, among others.

We will also explore "South-South" cooperation. Brazil continues to invest in Africa and to shore up links with the continent in areas such as pharmaceutical manufacturing and agriculture.

The trip will include visits to Brazil’s urban and rural areas to see how the country has addressed issues of poverty, health, and hunger. We will also examine social factors – such as human rights and equity issues, governance, and marginalized communities – in this geographically and culturally diverse country.

These are particularly timely topics, given Brazil's role hosting the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

“New media journalists” include media professionals, bloggers, influential social media practitioners, and freelance contributors. Some priority will be given to participants from the United States, United Kingdom, India, Nigeria, Kenya and South Arica, but applicants from all nations are eligible.

All candidates must fill out an application form and provide a detailed essay describing the stories they might pursue during the Brazil trip.

In their essays, applicants must address how they will cover one or more of the issues related to Millennium Development Goals listed above. While there are many other stories to be found in Brazil, these are the topics upon which this trip will focus.

All Fellows are required to participate in the sessions arranged for the group, and some independent reporting time will also be built into the schedule. Fellows who wish to cover other topics outside of this group fellowship are encouraged to extend their stay in Brazil.

The deadline for applications was Monday, February 3.

The IRP will purchase the Fellows’ round-trip air tickets to Brazil, pay for hotel costs, meals and local transportation, and reimburse visa costs. Fellows who wish to extend their stay after the fellowship will have the option to arrange that at their own expense.

Participants will be asked to post frequent stories, including blog posts, slideshows, social media posts, video and audio clips, before, during and after the trip. All of the stories produced by Brazil Fellows will be posted on the IRP site and co-owned by the Fellow (or his/her distribution partners, depending on agreements) and the IRP.

In addition, the work produced as a result of the trip will be made available for posting on the social media channels of the IRP’s funders. This trip is supported by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The deadline for this group reporting trip has passed. For more information about IRP's reporting trips and fellowships, please read our frequently asked questions. Due to the extremely heavy volume of applications, it will not be possible for us to inform unselected applicants individually of the results. All applicants should watch the website for the announcement of those selected for the trip, which will be posted in late February.

Reader Comments

  • mousror shakil said:

    i am television journalist of bangladesh, south asia. may i eligible for the fellowship.
    senior reporter
    channel i

  • mala nagaraju said:

    Dear Friends

    This is a wonderful opportunity for aspiring story tellers and persons who possess the ability and interest to let the world know more about hunger and poverty etc…

    I must really thank the BRAZIL Government and the respected Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for sponsoring such a trip. I would love to be part of that great training.
    Mala Nagaraju
    Director - Childline
    Rural Development Trust
    Bangalore Road
    ANANTHAPURAMU - 515001
    Andhra Pradesh - India

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