Has Firestone Liberia Gone Far Enough in Workplace Reforms?

Liberia 2010

February 03, 2011

Also aired on TIME.com

As the largest foreign corporation in Liberia, Firestone has come under scrutiny in recent years. After accusations of mistreating its workers, Firestone Liberia made concerted efforts to improve its facility and the condition of its workforce, but has it come far enough?

Edwin Cisco, secretary general of the Firestone Agricultural Workers' Union of Liberia (FAWUL), comments in this video, "Because we are moving in this direction now, you can see that a lot of changes"”positive changes"”are happening in the lives of our people. That's all we have been opting for. And we are leading in the right direction so that we can make this farm a better place. That's it; that's all we want."

Video courtesy of Ed Robbins / TIME.com. Ed Robbins reported for this video on a recent Gatekeeper Editors' trip to Liberia with the International Reporting Project (IRP).

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