Stories: Health

  • Health Conditions in South Eastern Turkey, Gatekeepers 2008

    Rural villages in South Eastern Turkey are among the poorest in the country. The lack of development and affordable clinics has created a dire health situation for many in these regions. The following video takes a look at those affected by these conditions. In the fall of 2008 12 senior U.S. editors and producers traveled to Turkey for a 10-day International...

  • Help for Haiti

    Correspondent Ruxandra Guidi reports on the state of the humanitarian crisis in Haiti. Four back-to-back storms have pummeled the area since August....leaving hundreds of thousands of victims in need of food, shelter, and water. Listen to Guidi's piece for PRI's "The World."

  • Brazil Battles AIDS and U.S. Resistance

    This week Brazilian Health Minister Jose Serra will be received as a hero at a special United Nations session on AIDS. The United States will appear as the goat. Serra and his government have performed a modern miracle. They have done what many thought could never be done in the developing world - designed an AIDS program that has turned...